IC analysis software supports coupled power and thermal simulations

May 22, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Docea Power is now shipping Aceplorer 3.0 with an event scheduler for enhanced scenario creation capabilities and support for thermal models generated by its AceThermalModeler for coupled power and thermal simulations.

In addition, the company is announcing AceThermalModeler 1.1 with an enhanced 3D viewer for fast model debugging. Aceplorer models and optimizes electronic design power and thermal consumption for early architecture exploration, architecture validation and power budget tracking during electronic design implementation stages, and AceThermalModeler creates compact RC thermal models for complete systems from system on chips (SoCs) to System-in-Package (SiP), 3D IC or complete boards. These compact thermal models are used for fast steady state or dynamic thermal responses enabling early system floorplan exploration or partitioning, improved system packaging and integration architectures, and early exploration of power and thermal management policies to reduce temperature peaks and manage temperature gradients across the system.

Aceplorer 3.0's new features include an event scheduler to automate the creation of timed scenarios from parallel tasks and workload definitions with different arbitration schemes, along with the support for thermal models created with AceThermalModeler. The event scheduler complements the existing timed flow chart creation and vcd import capabilities already in place and used to automate the creations of use cases.

New features of AceThermalModeler 1.1 include an enhanced graphical user interface (GUI) with capabilities for 3D and thermal model creation and debugging.

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