IDE for NXP’s ZigBee IoT MCUs promises “breakthrough” programming

December 19, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
NXP Semiconductors’ BeyondStudio IDE for the JN516x range of wireless MCUs for Internet of Things (IoT) applications is a software development environment, developed by Beyond Semiconductor, that simplifies the development of software on the JN516x family – improving code density, reducing development time and improving code quality.

Used in conjunction with the Beyond Debug Key, it provides full access to the JTAG software debug feature of the chips, simplifying and accelerating the development process.

“For almost a decade, the JN51xx microcontroller family has provided the optimum hardware platform for Zigbee products, integrating the highly efficient BA22 32-bit processor and a 2.4 GHz radio transceiver on a single chip,” said Simon Wadsworth, Software Team Leader at NXP Semiconductors. “BeyondStudio now brings improvements in code size, performance, and software development productivity, giving NXP customers even more advantage over those using competing products in the Zigbee space.”

Main features in BeyondStudio for NXP include:

- A highly optimised C/C++ compiler, linker and assembler controlled through an intuitive graphical interface for smaller code size and better performance

- Advanced debugging in conjunction with the Beyond Debug Key, including source level debugging, hardware PC breakpoint and data watchpoint support on JN516x chips through a JTAG interface

- Tight integration of JN516x specific functionality, including integral flash programming, for faster development

- Graphical source code editing, project setup, management and build control for rapid software development

“NXP, as a lead customer, significantly influenced the BA22 focus on lowest code density without sacrificing performance or power consumption,” said Matjaz Breskvar, chief executive officer of Beyond Semiconductor. “By simultaneously developing the compiler, instruction set architecture and processor from the ground up, Beyond achieved leading-edge code quality ten years ago and we have been steadily improving it since. Today's BeyondStudio IDE announcement highlights our most recent improvements in code quality, ease of debug and software development productivity.”

BeyondStudio for NXP is available from the NXP Wireless connectivity TechZone and is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 onwards.


Beyond Semiconductor and its BA2x processor family;