IGBT gate drivers feature on-board optical fibre interface for large-scale plants

April 18, 2013 // By Julien Happich
The TD-BD-IGFB05K IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) gate driver released by Tokyo Electron Device (TED) features an on-board optical fibre interface that enables control of 1700V/1200A class IGBTs on a single board.

As plants for solar power generation, wind power generation and industrial-use inverters grow in size, systems for controlling high-voltage and high-current loads are becoming more complex. However, the reliability of such systems that use cables to connect with control boards cannot always be assured because of “noise,” the effects of lightning, etc.

The TD-BD-IGFB05K, sold by TED under the “inrevium” brand, is a general purpose IGBT gate driver that enables simultaneous control of two 1700V/1200A class IGBTs. It has been developed by adding an optical fibre interface to TED's conventional IGBT gate driver TD-BD-IGGD05K. The TD-BD-IGFB05K is connected to a control board with an optical fiber, and directly connected with an IGBT module, so the risk of being impacted by “noise” or lightning is reduced, improving the security and reliability of the system. Alongside the TD-BD-IGFB05K, TED has released the TD-BD-IGCC05K, which is a downsized version of the existing TD-BD-IGGD05K.
The 130x130mm TD-BD-IGFB05K has a dielectric strength voltage of 5000V, it takes 15V to 24V as input as well as a signal input via an optical fibre, and outputs 3.8W of power at 20A maximum on two channels. It is short circuit protected.

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