Imagination upgrades Creator CI20 compute board, with cloud access

May 13, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
The upgraded CI20 introduces a new board layout, FlowCloud integration and enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities.

Imagination Technologies has announced upgrades for its low-power MIPS-based Creator CI20 development board that features a PowerVR GPU. The new board includes full support for Imagination’s FlowCloud IoT platform; a square form factor; a modified board layout to optimise Wi-Fi speed and stability; and updated software for Linux and Android. The new software features are fully compatible with all CI20 boards already shipped.

A key part of the CI20 upgrade is the addition of out-of-the-box compatibility for Imagination’s FlowCloud services, which have been specifically conceived to enable rapid development of IoT applications. FlowCloud gives users device-to-cloud infrastructure and services, enabling IoT innovators to rapidly create new applications based on CI20 such as home automation, robotics, and industrial monitoring and control.

The board now comes with 3D print files to print a customised enclosure (pictured).


First released in December 2014, the Creator CI20 is an affordable ($65/£50) micro-computer that runs Linux and Android, and enables open source developers, the maker community, system integrators and others to implement a wide array of applications quickly. It is suitable for a range of projects such as home automation, gaming, wireless multimedia streaming, and many more applications requiring a high performance Linux or Android platform with GPU and video capabilities and connectivity.

Says Tony King-Smith, EVP marketing for Imagination: “Adding FlowCloud compatibility for Creator CI20 is an exciting step... we’re upgrading Wi-Fi performance, software and form factor as well. We conceived the Creator family of low cost development boards to give developers the opportunity to get their hands on a wide range of our technologies from PowerVR GPUs to MIPS CPUs – and there are more Creator boards coming soon. [The board] boots Linux or Android, and through FlowCloud connects to a cloud-based platform ideal for deploying IoT applications quickly.”

As part of the upgrade, Imagination has updated Creator CI20 to run Android 4.4 KitKat or Debian 7 with 3.18 Linux kernel. The updates