Imec's Technology Forum to discuss nano-electronics, medical, mm-wave and plastic electronics advances

April 12, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Leuven (Belgium)-based research organisation imec will hold the Spring edition of its Technology Forum meetings in Brussels on 22nd and 23rd May 2013.

The programme comprises a series of keynote presentations and talks by research-team leaders from imec's own staff, and by industry experts from some of the many companies and academic bodies who participate in imec's research. The outline programme comprises;

  • Keynote: The sum of minds - Luc Van den hove - president and chief executive officer, imec

  • Keynote: Expanding the technology envelope in an age of consolidation - Mike Mayberry - corporate vice president technology and manufacturing group / director of components research, Intel

  • Keynote: The new mobile computing paradigm - James Thompson - executive vice president engineering, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

  • “How nanoelectronics is revolutionizing healthcare” - Peter Peumans - director bionanoelectronics, imec

  • Keynote: Equipment suppliers in the core of innovation - Rick Wallace - chief executive officer and president, KLA-Tencor

  • “Challenges & enablers of logic scaling in the next 10 years” - Aaron Thean - R&D program director logic devices, imec

  • Keynote: Technology challenges and opportunities: An outlook into 2020 - Carlos Diaz -director of advanced device technology and TCAD divisions, TSMC

  • “Specialty imagers: driving the revolution of machine vision & life-science instrumentation” - Jerome Baron - product marketing manager imaging, imec

  • Keynote by Joseph H. Capper - president and chief executive officer, CardioNet

  • Future memory technology: where do we go from here? - Jan Van Houdt - program director, imec

  • Keynote: Smart society, the sensing era and the signal chain - Ali Sebt - president and chief executive officer, Renesas Electronics America

  • “Sensing the world with millimeter-waves” - Wim Van Thillo - mmWave sensing team leader, imec

Day 2

  • Keynote - Landon King - executive vice dean / vice dean for research, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

  • “High-bandwidth chip to chip interfaces: interposers, 3D stacking and optical I/Os” - Eric Beyne - program director 3D system integration, imec

  • Keynote - Young Sohn - president and chief strategy officer, Samsung

  • “Towards a smart electricity network” - Jef Poortmans -