Improved Autosar code development path from Simulink to C

January 17, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Release 3.5 of dSpace's TargetLink software tool increases transparency in model development through modelling with enum data types. The series software generator supports Simulink enumeration data types ("enums") for better readability and serviceability of models once they have been developed.

For Autosar-compliant development, TargetLink 3.5 supports the latest Autosar version 4.1.1. By generating multiple instantiable software components, users can reduce both test effort and ECU resources. The new TargetLink version keeps installation files and project-specific enhancements separated. This increases process safety and transparency, and it facilitates workflow in large distributed teams.

A new TargetLink generation report format helps find error specs and facilitates the inspection of warning messages and other messages during code generation. Further improvements have been achieved with respect to code efficiency and user friendliness.