Improved precision for receiver tests with lower phase noise

February 14, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Aeroflex has uprated its S-Series signal generators (SGA and SGD) with improved phase noise and better RF level accuracy. At a carrier frequency of 1 GHz, phase noise is now improved by 6 dB at frequency offsets from 100 kHz to 1 MHz, giving a figure of typically -140 dBc/Hz between these offsets. The S-Series does this while maintaining its industry-leading frequency settling time of 100 µsec.

The SGD also gets added wideband analogue modulation and and ARB (Arbitrary Waveform Generator) sequence mode. Analogue modulation provides internal AM, FM, and phase modulation. ARB sequence mode allows the user to set up a sequence of waveforms generated in the ARB to provide a rapid test sequence.

The company notes that phase noise improvements will benefit customers using an S-Series signal generator for classic receiver tests, especially when the signal generator is used as a local oscillator substitute or as an interfering signal, where improved test margins in receiver selectivity and signal-to-noise measurements will allow the testing of higher quality receivers. The SGD enhancements satisfy the requirement for customers working with analogue, as well as the latest digital standards. ARB sequence mode provides the fastest test sequencing for RFIC design verification and production test. Its ability to rapidly hop frequencies and change waveforms enables complex test scenarios to be created for use in radar, jamming, and electronic countermeasure applications.