Increased code analysis confidence with “Covered by Analysis”

March 24, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
In its VectorCAST 6.3 Suite, Vector Software has added an annotation feature that combines with test execution coverage to complete metric reporting.

VectorCAST/CBA (Covered By Analysis) allows users in regulated industries to augment measured coverage with manual analysis to achieve the mandated 100% code coverage. VectorCAST/CBA is available as an add-on for all VectorCAST products, and provides an intuitive editor which allows users to provide analysis for statements, branch outcomes, or MC/DC pairs depending on the coverage level.

The ability to combine Coverage Analysis data sets with measured code coverage from unit, integration, and system testing, provides a single repository for all coverage metrics, and greatly simplifies reporting. The CBA feature includes an import and export capability enabling analysis to be shared across distributed teams and leveraged over the entire application life-cycle.

“Development groups in regulated industries have historically performed manual analysis of small portions of their code base to reach the 100% coverage threshold, using home-grown techniques,” said John Paliotta, Chief Technology Officer, Vector Software. “VectorCAST/CBA allows this analysis work to be integrated with testing activities and greatly reduces the analysis effort.”

The Covered by Analysis feature is offered as a layered product for the VectorCAST test suite.

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