Industrial 2-8 GB DDR3L SO-DIMM for lower power

June 04, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Swissbit has added to its Industrial family of DDR3 SODIMMs compatible with the JEDEC DDR3L standard running at 1.35V. DDR3L will allow an up to 15% reduction in power consumption over DDR3.

With the introduction of 3x and 2x nm DRAM technology, the modules are able to run at lower external supply voltage than the standard 1.50V. Foreseeing this evolution, JEDEC as the standardisation group for DRAM components has developed a new standard for 1.35V operation called DDR3L (L standing for low voltage). Systems supporting this feature benefit from a reduced supply voltage and decreased power consumption. This lowers the self heating, and thermal margins as well as reliability increase in the system.

Swissbit now offers DDR3L SO-DIMMs and DDR3L SO-UDIMMs (72b SO-DIMMs) with 2 to 8GB and speed grades up to DDR3L-1600 based on multiple DRAM suppliers. The modules are available in both commercial 0°C to +85°C (TCase) and industrial -40°C to +95°C (TCase) temperature grades and with ECC (error correction support) on demand.

The Swissbit DDR3L modules are backwards compatible with the DDR3 standard. Thus, they can be used for 1.35V operation as well as in older systems that still operate at 1.50V. One module type and part number can be qualified and used both in the latest embedded systems and also in already shipping systems. This reduces the need for multiple module part numbers on the AVL and adds further flexibility in with stock components.