Industrial Automation Security Platform by Icon labs & Mentor’s Nucleus

February 10, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Icon Labs, provider of embedded networking and security technology, has announced integration of its Floodgate security products with Mentor Graphics’ Nucleus RTOS and Mentor Embedded Linux. The integrated solution creates a secure platform for industrial automation and extends the “Internet of Secure Things” initiative into industrial control systems.

Icon Labs’ “Internet of Secure Things” Initiative defines a platform for developing secure, connected devices. The platform is designed to ensure that security is intrinsic to the architecture of the device itself and incorporates security management and visibility, device hardening, data protection and secure communications. Natively securing the devices simplifies protection, audit, and compliance independent of the secure perimeter, reducing the need for expensive and complicated security appliances.

Mentor states, “Icon Labs’ Floodgate product family provides a comprehensive security platform for developing secure, embedded devices using Nucleus and Mentor Embedded Linux.”

The integration of Icon Labs’ Floodgate products and Mentor Graphics’ embedded OSes provides:

· Security policy management

· Event and command audit log reporting

· Integration with the McAfee ePolicy orchestrator (ePO)

· Integrated embedded firewall

· Firmware and data anti-tamper support

· Integrated solution on both Nucleus and Mentor Embedded Linux

“Today’s modern industrial automation devices and systems are complex connected devices charged with performing critical functions,” says Alan Grau, CEO of Icon Labs. “Including security in these devices is a critical design task. Security features must be considered early in the design process to ensure the device is protected from the advanced cyber-threats they will be facing now as well as attacks that will be created in the future. By partnering with Mentor Graphics, we are able to offer a solution in which critical security elements are integrated into the operating system, ensuring security is a foundational component of the device.”

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