Industrial-grade triple output 110-W power supply features 90 percent efficiency and small form factor

January 30, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
SL Power Electronics has released a new high-density open frame AC/DC power solution which is approved to the highest safety standards, including EN/IEC/UL60950-1, 2nd edition.

Ideal for test & measurement, diagnostic, process control and other Industrial applications, the CINT3110 series triple output power supplies provide a highly reliable and energy efficient power solution in a small form factor at an affordable cost.

The CINT3110 series operates from -10°C to +70°C over a 90 to 264 Vac input range. Fully compliant to EN61000 requirements for Static Discharge, Conducted and Radiated RF, EFT/Burst, Line Surge, Magnetic Field, Line Flicker, and Voltage Dip Immunity, the CINT3110 series guarantees operation in industrial applications where power sources are unstable.

Measuring 2 X 4 inches and less than 1U (1.3 inch) high, the CINT3110 is ideal for 1U high rack-mount enclosures and other size-constrained equipment. Featuring an open frame design, the power supply provides 110 W of output power with up to 90 percent efficiency at 240 VAC. The triple output power capabilities eliminate cross talk and provide tightly regulated DC power in a variety of configurations that save user’s costs by eliminating the need for additional DC/DC converters.

The CINT3110 models provide three outputs, featuring a 5 V main output and various combinations of auxiliary outputs (+/-12 V, +/-15 V, +/-24 V). The main +5 V output can deliver 10A continuously with standard convection cooling, and up to14 A with forced air cooling. The 24 V outputs can supply 3A and 4A respectively. All three outputs are tightly regulated; the 5 V output is maintained to within +/- 2 percent for all normal line and load conditions, and has a maximum ripple of 50 mV peak-to-peak.

Available in three models, the CINT3110 power supply has a wide temperature range – delivering full rated output power while operating within an ambient temperature range of -10 to +70°C with standard interface signals.

The CINT3110 models are certified to the stringent EMC requirements for applications requiring Class B EMI and Class A, B, C & D of IEC61000-3-2 for Line Harmonic Emissions. In