Industrial security initiative launched by Rockwell Automation

August 07, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Rockwell Automation has announced an initiative to help manufacturers reduce security risks to control systems in response to growing cyber-security threats; approach includes best practices for applying defence-in-depth security models, enhanced products and technologies, and expanded partner ecosystem.

The initiative will help automation and IT professionals more effectively secure their industrial processes with a combination of control system design and best practices, contemporary technologies and professional services from Rockwell Automation and its strategic partnerships, including Cisco.

Together, the companies advocate for a common network architecture approach that helps decrease inconsistencies in network protocols, security practices and training. In the future, Rockwell Automation and Cisco will offer guidance on topics, such as resilient network design, access control, contextual identity management and protection of assets, through a portfolio of jointly developed industrial products and industrial control system security resources.

The industrial security initiative from Rockwell Automation is based on a multilayer network design approach that combines resiliency in the infrastructure with security-enabled, end-point devices to help manufacturers establish a sustainable security culture, conduct comprehensive security assessments, and deploy a robust security infrastructure across both automation and industrial IT assets. Core to the initiative is implementation of a secure network infrastructure based on the use of the standard Internet Protocol (IP).

“The rapidly evolving nature of the industrial security landscape makes it critical that today’s manufacturers view security as an ongoing business imperative, rather than a one-time investment event,” said Sujeet Chand, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Rockwell Automation. “A more secure network infrastructure will allow manufacturers to deploy contemporary technologies and emerging solutions, like mobility, virtualisation and cloud computing, while still performing mission-critical automation functions. Rockwell Automation is dedicated to providing the technologies and resources that will help facilitate the design and management of a secure connected enterprise.”

The three-pronged Rockwell Automation initiative is designed to achieve a secure connected enterprise through the following:

- Defence-in-Depth Methodology: Addressing both internal and external threats by forming multiple layers of defence which help mitigate various types of risks. The Rockwell Automation defence-in-depth approach employed in an industrial control system design and operation helps manufacturers by establishing processes and policies that