Industry's fastest 12-bit, direct digital synthesizers target frequency-agile wireless applications

June 19, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Meeting the demand for direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology that meets the needs of wireless applications requiring fast hopping and/or sweeping, Analog Devices, Inc. claims to have more than tripled the clock speed of previously available DDS ICs.

Coupled with an on-chip, high-speed, 12-bit D/A converter, ADI's AD9914 achieves a speed of 3.5 giga samples per second (GSPS), while the AD9915 runs to 2.5 GSPS. Both device cores support advanced digital programmable technology capable of synthesizing frequency-agile, analog output sinusoidal waveforms at up to 1.4 GHz, such as those used in a wide range of communications applications, such as wireless base stations, defense and commercial radar, and secure communications systems.

The new DDS devices feature a 32-bit parallel port enabling extremely fast changes to frequency, phase, and the amplitude of the output signal, and the programmable modulus function which significantly extends the use of DDS ICs into applications that require exact rational relationships such as signal generators and other lab equipment..

The AD9914 and AD9915 settle in nanoseconds with granularity well below 200 pHz. Other approaches, including FPGAs with embedded DDS functions, have difficulty matching the SFDR (better than -50dBc) of ADI’s DDS ICs on output signals over 1 GHz and require higher operating power and the addition of a discrete D/A converter to synthesize the sine wave.

Availability and Pricing

The AD9914 packaged in an 88-Lead LFCSP is available now and is priced at $149.00 each in 1,000 quantities.

The AD9915 packaged in an 88-Lead LFCSP is available now and is priced at $119.00 each in 1,000 quantities.

More information about the AD9914 and AD9915 DDS devices at and