Infineon’s DrBlade 2 puts complete DC/DC voltage regulation stage in a package

June 17, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Infineon’s DrBlade 2 is an integrated power stage device that combines two power MOSFETs and a DC/DC driver IC with integrated current and temperature sensing in a low-profile package that helps engineers of server and datacom applications handle high power density requirements and shorten design-in cycles.

The power package uses galvanic and lamination processes, resulting in a significantly reduced package footprint and height, superior electrical resistance and inductance specs, and improved cooling capabilities. Infineon also offers complete high performance DC/DC voltage regulation solutions based on DrBlade 2 power stages and Infineon's fourth generation digital controller ICs.

The integrated power stage contains small, very efficient and thermally enhanced MOSFETs and Infineon’s latest driver technology. DrBlade 2 offers high precision current and temperature sense protection features. The power stage achieves more than 95% peak efficiency.

The entire DC/DC system solution, including the new DrBlade 2 and digital controller, is compliant to RoHS 2016 and lead free. The full system solution comes with a Graphic User Interface (GUI) to program controller parameters and to tune voltage regulation while in operation. All parameters of the controller are set via firmware that is stored in non-volatile memory. Accessible over I2C bus and PMBus, the system engineer is able to adjust all parameters of operation in real time without the need to interrupt active regulation.

DrBlade 2.0 (TDA21320) and DrBlade 2.1 (TDA21321) devices come in a WIQFN-38 package with dimensions of 6.6 x 4.5 x 0.6 mm.The digital controllers are available in high-volume in a VQFN package with 40 or 48 pins.