Infineon aims 700V CoolMOS P7 FETs at quasi-resonant flyback converters

January 18, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Infineon presents its 700V CoolMOS P7 family as offering unmatched performance improvements compared to superjunction technologies, to the benefit of soft switching topologies such as in smart phone and tablet chargers, together with notebook adapters. The MOSFETs enable fast switching and high power density designs for TV adapters, lighting, audio, and aux power with improved form factor for very slim designs.


Compared to available alternatives, Infineon says, the FETS offer reduced switching losses (E OSS) from 27 to 50%. In a flyback based charger application the technology leads to up to 3.9% higher efficiency with device temperature is reduced by up to 16K. In comparison to the previous 650 V C6 technology it offers a 2.4% gain in efficiency and 12K lower device temperature.


An integrated Zener diode ensures an increased ESD ruggedness of up to HBM Class 2 level. The 700V CoolMOS P7 has low RDS (on)*Q g and R DS(on)*E OSS . Compared to C6 technology, the family features an additional extra 50 V blocking voltage.


Keeping the ease-of-use in mind, the technology has been developed with a V GSth of 3V and a very narrow tolerance of ±0.5V. This makes the new P7 family very easy to design-in and enables the usage of lower gate source voltage, which makes it easier to drive and leads to less idle losses.


The 700 V CoolMOS P7 family is available with a range of R DS(on) and package combinations including 360 mΩ up to 1400 mΩ in IPAK SL, DPAK and TO-220FP.