Infineon puts 650V FETs in leadless TO packaging for 1nH inductance

May 13, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Infineon’s CoolMOS C7 Gold 650V MOSFETs come in a TO-Leadless package. This combination of improved superjunction (SJ) semiconductor process and advanced SMD package design is aimed at hard switching applications. The small footprint offers power density advantages for server, telecom and solar applications.

C7 Gold CoolMOS technology comes with 4-pin Kelvin Source capability and improved thermal properties of the TO-Leadless package. This enables a viable SMD solution for high current topologies such as Power Factor Correction (PFC) up to 3 kW. C7 Gold performance leads to higher efficiency, through reduced switching losses and thereby less thermal losses. It claims lowest R on*A metric, along with dimensions of only 115 mm². This also brings power density with the lowest on-resistance of 33 mΩ achievable in the small footprint.


The package can be connected either as a standard 3pin MOSFET or using the 4pin Kelvin Source concept. The implementation of this feature brings additional benefits in efficiency particularly at full load, and makes it easier to use by reducing ringing on the gate.


The TO-Leadless package has a very low source inductance of 1 nH, is lead-free and MSL1 compliant. It allows easy visual solder inspection and is suitable for wave and reflow soldering.