Infineon’s iMotion 2.0 motor control offers simpler, quicker setup

March 21, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Infineon has disclosed an expansion of the iMotion motor control platform it acquired with its purchase of International Rectifier. Engineers can hae a motro running in 10 minutes, and a full setup after an hour’s work, the company asserts.

Infineon says the original iMotion has been widely adopted, with its simple-set-up of BLDC (brushless DC) motors being popular. However the company says that there have been examples where the state-machine-based platform has been difficult to adapt, and has therefore added more flexibility in this update. Its Motion Control Engine (MCE)is a no-programming-required route to motor parametrization, with integrated protection features. A new version, MCE 2.0 adds functionality, featuring single or leg shunt [current feedback], the option of a Hall sensor or encoder support; boost or totem pole power factor correction; and support for IEC 60335 (‘Class B’). The system adds an ARM Cortex-M0 core, which is available for user applications.


Infineon envisages higher level of integration, taking the concept from motion controller to a “Smart” integrated power module. That is, the motor control engine plus ARM core, with drive circuitry and power switches (FETs or IGBTs), will be assembled Targeting applications such as home appliances, air conditioning systems, pumps, fans and multicopters, iMOTION 2.0 offers system cost savings of about 30% combined with an extremely easy implementation including its turnkey solution for FOC (Field Oriented Control).