Innovative magnetic technologies enhance efficiency of micro-inverter and central-inverter solar applications

September 11, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Precision, Inc is launcing two new magnetic technologies designed to enhance efficiency in micro-inverter and central-inverter solar applications.

Precision’s expanded line of DC-DC High Frequency Switching Inductors provides low core loss and high-efficiency performance in point-of-power conversions for micro-inverters on solar panels. The technology´s high-density construction features an innovative flat-wire, edge-wound copper coil that generates efficiency gains and space savings compared to alternative round wire e-core or toroid technologies.

The high-density inductor construction maximizes form requirements and generates up to 33% real estate savings compared to round-wire alternatives. This high-density construction reduces power losses up to 25% compared to alternative round-wire technologies due to the reduced resistance.

The bow-tie shaped, three-pad inductors also feature closed magnetic construction for optimal performance. Available in a variety of standard and customized formats, the High Frequency Switching Inductors can be used as a standard part drop-in replacement or as part of a custom technology solution. For custom and semi-custom applications, complimentary design engineering support is provided for small, mid and high volume orders.

The RoHS compliant and halogen-free High-Frequency Switching Inductor comes in standard sizes that range from 8.64 mm to 13.97 mm. The inductors offer saturation current (ADC) from 15 to 100, while inductance ranges from 0.3 to 4.7 µHy. The saturation current indicates the value of DC current, where the inductance is approximately 30% lower than the initial value.

Precision’s custom High Current DC-AC Line Reactors feature a high-efficiency design that can increase overall performance efficiency in central-inverter applications by at least 0.5%, generating up to $100,000 for utility level projects.

Depending upon customers’ requirements, Precision produces its high-efficiency/high-current DC-AC Line Reactors with either aluminum or copper windings. Precision’s engineers evaluate key elements such as weight, size and environmental factors to select the ideal material for each unique application. In some cases, Precision’s designs have resulted in up to a 20% reduction in overall weight for the line reactor.

The RoHS compliant DC-AC Line Reactors come in power levers ranging from 10 kVA through 1,500 kVA.  Current levels range up