Integrated Bluetooth audio platform supports ambient noise cancellation

November 17, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
CSR’s CSR8675 upgrade enables OEMs to differentiate products while providing consumers with higher quality audio

CSR8675 is the company's latest audio flash platform, designed for high-end wireless audio products. Following on from the CSR8670, the platform offers greater processing power than its predecessor, allowing manufacturers to deliver enhanced quality audio output and noise cancellation for high-end speakers, soundbars, stereo headsets and gaming headphones.

The CSR8675 contains an upgraded digital signal processor (DSP) core delivering increased performance of up to 120 MIPS, compared to the 80 MIPS DSP of its predecessor. This enables advanced audio processing algorithms to be supported allowing very high quality, enriched audio performance. Coupled with the chip’s 24 bit digital audio support, the high performance core ensures devices built upon the CSR8675 platform will deliver high definition audio. As the chip supports aptX Low Latency, it will also enable consumers to watch video while listening to wireless audio in a synchronised fashion.

The CSR8675 platform includes support for Ambient Noise Cancellation (ANC), replacing the standalone ANC IC technology used today in many popular headphones and headsets. The CSR8675 not only reduces the complexity of adding ANC, it also offers manufacturers significant eBoM cost savings and reduced solution size benefits. By offering Bluetooth v4.1 support, CSR’s flash platform improves consumer usability while aiding developer innovation by allowing devices to support Basic Rate and EDR links as well as Bluetooth Smart connections.


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