Integrated power module employs 600V IGBTs for 10A rating

August 23, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Vincotech presents its latest integrated power module (IPM) as a route to cutting costs and shrinking footprints; the flowIPM 1B CIP 600V is a highly integrated IPMfor 600 V applications, built around a high-speed F5 IGBT with the switching performance of a MOSFET, and a silicon carbide boost diode in the PFC circuit optimized for frequencies up to 150 kHz.

The high-speed F5 IGBT, paired with the silicon carbide boost diode in the PFC circuit, boosts performance and also drives down the cost of external passive components. The current rating of this CIP (converter + inverter + power factor correction) topology housed in an integrated power module is 10A at 80° C heat sink temperature. The flowIPM 1B CIP 600 V module enables OEMs to reduce overall system size, cost, and time to market. It also features an inverter gate drive with a bootstrap circuit for high-side power supply, as well as emitter shunts (30 mΩ) for improved motion control.

The flowIPM 1B CIP 600 V modules come in 17 mm flow 1B housings. Versions in the 12 mm housing, with Press-fit pins and with phase-change material, are available on request.