Intelligent touch displays come with high-level command set

September 19, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Displays company demmel products (Vienna and Munich) has added intelligent touch displays in 4.3-, 5.7- and 7in. formats, all equipped with the fast DPC3090 controller and 128 MByte of flash memory.

The complete range now comprises six iLCDs between 3.5 and 10.2 in., with the same feature set, for scalable design with operation and pin assignment identical.

With the DPC3090 processor, execution times and transmission rates increase by over 50% as compared to the earlier panels. All graphics, animations, fonts, text modules and macros used to design the display can be stored on the 128 MByte flash memory, a 4x upgrade.

The integrated iLCD controller includes more than 250 high-level commands to control the iLCDs via Ethernet, USB, RS232, I²C or SPI interfaces. Even complex screen designs can be achieved quickly with software functionalities such as formatting text output, drawing static and animated graphics, filling areas with predefined colour gradients or tiles, changing the transparency on arbitrary display areas or touch screen control.

These built-in features make it possible to create screen designs for any application requirement. The iLCD technology also reduces development time and costs drastically by eliminating the pixel-based programming required for conventional LCDs.

With the free Windows-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) iLCD Manager XE, and with features such as Parameter Completion and Syntax Checking/Highlighting, no programming skills are required to design state of the art graphical interfaces. Sample and demo projects encourage hands-on access to the powerful command set and can be customised and adopted for any user application.

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