Intel's 8251A USART back on the shelves through Rochester Electronics

July 23, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Rochester Electronics has been authorized to continue supplying Intel’s 8251A since it’s end-of-life notification nine years ago.

As part of its Extension-of-Life Solutions, the company continues to manufacture and stock Intel’s 8251A Programmable Communication Interface, the industry standard Universal Synchronous / Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter (USART) designed for operation with an extended range of Intel microprocessors and maintains compatibility with the 8251.

An advanced design of the industry standard USART, the Intel 8251, the 28-pin plastic dual-in-line (DIP) 8251A functions as a peripheral device and is designed for a wide range of Intel microcomputers such as 8048, 8080, 8085, 8086, and 8088. Commercial, industrial and military versions are now available from Rochester Electronics

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