IoTivity platform on a multi-stack chip, from Qorvo & ubisys

January 06, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Designed to facilitate seamless device-to-device connectivity and promising a path to consolidation of IoT standards, Qorvo (Greensboro, North Carolina) and ‘smart wireless’ company ubisys (Düsseldorf, Germany) have developed a new ultra-compatible gateway solution, integrating a ZigBee 3.0 and Green Power-based smart home network within the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) IoTivity framework.

The open-source IoTivity framework provides specifications for seamless device-to-device connectivity across diverse physical media, transports and application layers. The Qorvo IoTivity plug-ins will be the first to support a single, multi-stack radio chip. Wireless products - such as the Qorvo GP712 chip - simultaneously handle multiple IoT network layers, including Thread, ZigBee 3.0 with Green Power and RF4CE networks. The integrated GP712 simplifies the design of IoT gateways, routers and set-top boxes. By reducing components and antennas, it automatically mitigates the coexistence challenges of multiple IoT networks.


Dr. Arasch Honarbacht, founder and managing director of ubisys, said, "We joined the OCF to support its ground-breaking work and are using our IoT expertise to bring ZigBee 3.0 interoperability to this high-level framework. IoTivity is perfectly suited for uniting products under a single IP umbrella. The IoTivity plug-in we created with Qorvo is an adapter to the ubisys Smart Facility Service. It combines the unique advantages of ZigBee 3.0 including ZigBee Green Power and the OCF IoTivity reference design."


Qorvo Wireless Connectivity (formerly Greenpeak Technologies);