IP builds audio converter with voice detection feature for home appliances

March 19, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
IP-for-SoC provider Dolphin Integration has announced sCODp-MT1-VD.02, a voice-oriented converter supporting both analogue and digital microphones.

The code builds a converter that focusses on voice recognition capabilities including:

- High Dynamic Range over gain range (DRgr) on ADC: 105 dB

- Motor and wind noise filters to reduce the environment disturbance and enhance voice recognition quality

- Voice detection feature to automatically wake-up the system by voice

- Microphone inputs with independent Programmable Gain Amplifiers

- Automatic Gain Control (AGC) preventing from saturation of audio signal.

The small area and the low EMI emission of sCODp-MT1-VD.02 position it as a cost-effective converter for fabless companies which are active in the growing market of white electronic devices (smart Air conditioner, smart Fridge…) and brown appliance devices (Smart TV, Smart Radio…).

sCODp-MT1-VD.02 includes unique features, such as spread spectrum and PLL-less functioning, to protect against any performance drop due to noise propagation issues. This product is delivered with its “noise tolerance template” and with advanced views (behavioural models) enabling noise propagation checks by the user.

Further specifications include;

- High SNR of up to 105 dB on the DAC (depending on the sound amplifier)

- 95 dB on ADC

- THD of -85 dB on DAC

The IP is initially targeted at 130 nm processes, but is retargetable from 180 nm to 40 nm at both TSMC and SMIC.

Dolphin For further information on product sCODp-MT1-VD.02, please click on link or contact us - converters@.

Dolphin Integration; www.dolphin.fr