IP builds sub-1V Bluetooth Smart RF transceiver for wearable sensors and IOT

August 21, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
CSEM (Switzerland) has announced IcyTRX-65, a 2.4GHz silicon RF IP optimised for low power Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) circuits. Consuming 5 mW and directly powered from a 1V battery, IcyTRX-65, says CSEM, sets a new benchmark for low power BLE circuits.

When IcyTRX was released in 2012 it set a new level of performance for low power 2.4GHz RF IPs. The last two years have witnessed an explosion of demand for BLE-connected sensors, for sports, healthcare and wearable sensors, driving new demands for even higher performance solutions.

IcyTRX-65 is a 65nm CMOS version of the IcyTRX IP, offering even lower-power performance: 5 mA current consumption directly from a 1V battery, sensitivity of -97 dBm and a transmitter frequency synthesiser settling time of only 5 μsec, along with full BT4.1 compliance. IcyTRX-65 operates down to 0.9V, allowing the use of small coin-cell batteries. The unique architecture results in a highly integrated solution, with a die size of less than 2mm2, and no external matching components required. A flexible and programmable baseband offers a programmable data-rate up to 4 MB/sec and allows use with IEEE802.15.4 protocols (e.g. Zigbee) as well as with proprietary protocols.

IcyTRX-65 is silicon proven and available for license. It is fully characterised, exceeding the requirements of BT4.1, and samples and evaluation kits are available.

CSEM; www.csem.ch