IP compiler generates 80251 CISC microcontrollers

September 28, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Dolphin Integration’s SmartCC80251 compiler for its 80251 microcontrollers is available to users as a free upgrade and entry to this 80251 ecosystem. Low-power MCUs and a state-of-the-art compiler toolchain with an innovative Interactive Development Environment (IDE) guarantee the lasting growth of the i51 legacy.

Key benefits of SmartCC80251 for 80251 microcontrollers include;

- Compiler with best performance parameters when compared to the previous compiler, generating more efficient code enabling instructions to execute faster, or reduced power consumption (fewer instructions for each task)

- Reduced number of memory accesses compared to the previous compiler enabling reduced power consumption

- More expressive diagnostics compared to a classical compiler for accelerated software development and debug

- LLVM based compiler toolchain which enables users to benefit from an active community

- Fully integrated in the SmartVision IDE

- Library of standard C functions – SmartLib – updated for 80251

In the area of power consumption optimisation, SmartCC80251 is associated with the SmartVision IDE, enabling users to model complete subsystems and to perform power consumption profiling in order to optimise and debug their embedded software; and to Dolphin Integration’s low power 16-bit Typhoon and Hurricane microcontrollers.

Dolphin Integration; www.dolphin.fr