IP places a charger for low-capacity batteries on SoC designs

March 31, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Many small connected devices, such as wireless headsets, wearable devices, connected bracelets or smart watches require low-power optimisation. Dolphin Integration is providing for use of low-capacity Li-Ion or Li-Po batteries with its new low-power battery charger.

The BC-Livingstone.01 can charge a single-cell battery from all types of USB adapters with a maximum current of 500 mA. This battery charger provides the final user with flexibility to choose the End-of-Charge. The IP offers advanced control and protection features, such as under/over voltage limitation or battery temperature monitoring, which bring all the safety expected in battery-powered applications.

To ease the SoC integration of the battery charger, the BC-Livingstone.01 is delivered with a set of simulation models for verifying the mode transitions. Performance highlights of the IP for Li-ion or Li-Po single-cell battery include:

- Input voltage up to 5.75 V enabled by design to cost-reduce by using standard CMOS 3.3 V/1.2 V logic process

- Support of three charge modes: trickle charge, constant current and constant voltage with fast charge with programmable current up to 500 mA

- Low power consumption: 50 µA in monitoring mode and 5 µA in shutdown mode

Dolphin Integration; www.dolphin.fr