IP for reprogrammable non-volatile memory cuts power for wireless and RFID/NFC

November 21, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Synopsys' ultra low-power non-volatile memory IP cuts power by 90% and size in half; the DesignWare multiple-time programmable NVM IP reduces system costs for wireless and RFID / NFC tag applications

DesignWare AEON Multiple-Time Programmable (MTP) Ultra Low-Power (ULP) Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) IP is optimised for the stringent power and area requirements of wireless and RFID/NFC ICs. The DesignWare AEON MTP ULP NVM IP cuts power consumption by up to 90% compared to the previous generation by offering a single-bit read capability, read operation down to 0.9V and peak current under 10 µA during erase and programming. Reducing power consumption extends battery life in mobile systems, increases RFID/NFC tag sensitivity and reduces tag size by allowing the use of smaller antennas.

The DesignWare AEON MTP ULP NVM IP offers single-bit read capability to give designers additional flexibility in setting power/timing tradeoffs, which can depend on the peak current and read time requirements. To reduce factory programming test costs, the IP includes a fast programming mode that cuts programming time by 70% compared to the previous generation. With up to 100,000 write cycle endurance, RFID and NFC designers using DesignWare AEON MTP ULP NVM IP can have confidence that their products can be reprogrammed many times for extensive reuse. In addition, the IP integrates critical high-voltage generation and distribution circuitry to simplify integration and reduce system cost and area.

Synopsys; www.synopsys.com/designware