Ipdia makes thin silicon caps for cards, tags

January 03, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
3D silicon passive components provider Ipdia (Caen, France) has developed a range of low profile capacitors with electrostatic discharge (ESD) performance up to 8kV.

The capacitors are suitable for use in smart cards and RFID tags and in other applications where integration and antenna matching play key roles. The LPSC range targets antenna matching, RF filtering and decoupling of active die, in applications with height and volume constraints.

The RFID 0402 capacitor range is 100-microns thick while providing stability over the specified voltage up to 150°C. The range covers values from 10 pF up to 330 pF, with the same thermal coefficient as standard RFID ICs and with proven assembly methods such as flip-chip and wirebonding.

The capacitor range has been tuned to reach a series resonant frequency (SRF) higher than 1.2 GHz, allowing antenna tuning from 13.56 MHz up to 800/900 MHz applications.

Ipdia; www.ipdia.com