IR offers alternate low-power-motor-drive integrated module packaging in DIP

May 22, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
International Rectifier has introduced the µIPM-DIP family of highly integrated, compact Integrated Power Modules (IPM) for low power motor drive applications including fans, pumps, air purifiers and refrigerator compressor drives.

IR previously launched the µIPM Power Modules in a highly-integrated and miniature surface mount package format. The company is now offering the same electrical feature set in a format that it says will be easier to handle for some of its customers. A company spokesman noted that not all designs need the very small outline of the surface-mount version; and assembling it requires well-controlled surface mount processing to ensure that the lands and pads of the smaller package are uniformly soldered with no voids. This is a level of manufacturing technology that may not be routine for some potential users in the small-motor-drive sector.

Now in a 12 x 29 mm SOP/DIP package, the µIPM-DIP product family offers a cost effective power solution by using industry standard footprints and processes compatible with various PCB substrates. The family of 32 new devices uses rugged and efficient high-voltage FredFET MOSFETs optimised for variable frequency drives with voltage ratings of 250V or 500V. These devices are paired with IR’s most advanced high-voltage driver IC tuned to achieve optimal balance between EMI and switching losses. The µIPM-DIP family offers DC current ratings ranging up to 4.6A to drive motors up to 150W without a heatsink and are available in both through-hole and surface mount package options.

The µIPM-DIP modules offers designers and system integrators a cost-effective, pin-to-pin compatible solution for advanced motor control for low power applications that require improved thermal performance and overall system size reduction while using traditional PCB assembly technology,” the company concludes.

Pricing is from $2.75 (10,000). Two reference designs, the IRMCS1071-1-D and IRMCS1183-1-D are also available.

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