IR'S voltage regulator module uses less PCB, runs at 97%+ efficiency

October 04, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
International Rectifier has introduced a 35A point-of-load (POL) integrated voltage regulator for space constrained enterprise power applications including servers, storage and netcom and telecom equipment that require high power density.

The IR3846 offers efficiency greater than 97% peak, and 95% at 35A, with the capability to operate directly from 12V at high switching frequency without the need for a heatsink or fan. It has remote differential sensing enabling 0.5% Vref accuracy between 0°C and 105°C making it well suited for high power FPGAs and ASICs requiring 1% DC or 3% DC+AC accurate power supply.

As part of the Gen3 SupIRBuck family, the IR3846 features a modulator scheme that enables jitter-free and noise-free operation to allow higher frequency/higher bandwidth operation for better transient response and fewer output capacitors, and space savings of 20% PCB space compared to alternative integrated solutions and 60% compared to discrete solutions.

The pinout of the IR3846 is optimised for easy placement of bypass capacitors and the internal thermally compensated current limit offers three settings that allow programmability without extra components and layout complications.

The IRDC3846 reference design featuring the new device is also available. Pricing for the IR3846M begins at $2.60 (100,000) the reference design is $29 per kit.