ITU addresses challenges of expanding use of short-range radio devices

May 23, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
The International Telecommunications Union, noting the “explosive” growth of short-range radio devices, is to hold a Workshop meeting next in early June that will discuss harmonisation for short range devices (SRDs) and Ultra Wide Band (UWB)

The ITU says that its experts, and its membership, along with other organisations have been studying the harmonisation of spectrum usage to facilitate maximum gain and efficiency of short range devices (SRDs) for global adoption. This, ITU believes, is necessary in order to accommodate the explosive growth and cross border proliferation of SRDs as well as Ultra Wide Band (UWB), which can allow very high data throughput for communications, high-resolution location and imaging devices.

Recent studies, ITU adds, may provide opportunities for additional global or regional harmonisation to support and encourage long-term spectrum tenure for the implementation of the newest technologies and result in increased business case sustainability. In this investigation, the organisation is looking to see if the same success that has been achieved in the past with GSM, and with WiFi – in terms of global standardisation and interoperability – can be repeated with SRDs.

The ITU Workshop on ‘Short-range Radio Devices and Ultra Wide Band’ takes place in Geneva, on

3 June 2104, 11:00 – 18:00, stated objectives being, “To identify areas of spectrum that can be globally or regionally harmonised to facilitate the global adoption of SRD applications and their related technologies, including UWB. The workshop may also help identify activities which can lead to the inclusion of additional frequency opportunities for SRDs in Recommendation ITU-R SM.1896 on global and regional harmonisation of SRDs.”

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