IXYS expands high-power SiC diode line

August 30, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
Two new series of silicon carbide Schottky diodes from IXYS, the SS150 and SS275, provide respective ratings of 600V/10A and 1200V/5A, along with three diode configurations to give designers flexible connection and layout options.

Standard internal configurations include triple independent (no common connections), triple anode (anodes are tied together), and triple cathode (cathodes are tied together).

Both series of diodes allow fast-switching, high-frequency operation with zero recovery and temperature-independent behaviour. Coupled with their electrically isolated, low-inductance RF surface-mount package, the SS150 and SS275 devices can be used in a number of fast-switching diode circuits or high-frequency converter applications. They also offer increased overall system efficiency compared to silicon diodes and reduced cooling requirements. Prices for the SS150 600-V series and SS275 1200-V series are $10.03 and $15.89, respectively, in lots of 100 to 499 units.

IXYS Colorado, www.ixyscolorado.com / SS150 series / SS275 series