Java hosted on Renesas RZ MCUs for IoT designs

February 17, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Renesas Electronics Europe and IS2T are to develop their embedded software platform collaboration to offer a faster go-to-market “Internet of Things strategy”. The expanded partnership, say the two companies, opens the Java Ecosystem for RZ microprocessor-based design

Renesas and IS2T’s ambition is to offer Java and C/C++ developers an embedded software platform that drastically lowers costs of building application software. That software platform contributes to easily expand product ranges, build a consistent and improved user experience across several devices, and accelerate specification process for HMI-based applications specifically targeted by the Renesas RZ product family. Typical markets include building automation, smart appliances, industrial control, gateways, and concentrators. The scalability of the MicroEJ software platform allows the same application to run on a wide range of Renesas RX MCU and RZ MPU devices with various operating systems, depending on cost/performance constraints. Renesas and IS2T will also provide support for the Renesas RZ-A1 Renesas Starter Kit (RSK) board featuring a graphic display.

The venture aims to simplify software complexities for emerging Internet of Things (IoT) markets. The two companies are extending the support of the MicroEJ software platform from the RX microcontrollers (MCUs) to the latest Renesas RZ/A group of microprocessors (MPUs). The RZ/A features an ARM Cortex A9 CPU that clocks at 400 MHz, up to 10 MBytes of on-chip SRAM, a TFT LCD interface with graphic accelerators, and numerous communication peripherals.

“Software complexity for embedded design will be a challenge as emerging IoT markets continue to solidify and grow. As an embedded solutions leader, we recognise these challenges and are working with strategic partners to simplify the design experience for customers working with our MPUs and MCUs,” said Mohammed Dogar, Senior Manager, Renesas Electronics Europe.

“By using the combined solutions from both Renesas and IS2T, a customer can save on development costs, and accelerate revenues by improving time to market. The MicroEJ platform reduces software complexity, and enhances Renesas portfolio capabilities, scalability, and software components reuse, resulting in much better software productivity, which is required by all companies today”, said Dr. Fred Rivard, CEO, IS2T.

MicroEJ encompasses the entire embedded software lifecycle management – prototyping, development and testing