JPEG 2000 and security IP-cores optimized for the 28nm FPGAs

April 12, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Provider of JPEG 2000 compression solutions, intoPIX announced is about to release the first JPEG 2000 encoder and decoder IP-cores optimized for new 28nm FPGAs.

The greatly increased densities, the faster transceivers, the faster memory interfaces, and the reduced power consumption within 28nm FPGAs provide increased flexibility to audiovisual equipment manufacturers, particularly in the Broadcast or Cinema industry. "These devices are extremely well suited to our JPEG 2000 IP-core portfolio. They are instrumental in our quest to offer a highly optimized footprint for our encoder and decoder IP-cores", said Jean-Baptiste Lorent, intoPIX Product Manager.

The JPEG 2000 IP-cores address a wide variety of applications: they support any resolution from SD up to 8K, high frame rates, ultra-low latency and compression modes ranging from lossy to lossless. intoPIX plans to deliver its JPEG 2000 and security IP-cores for the entire range of 28nm FPGA families from Altera and Xilinx.

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