K-band planar mixer has a high IF bandwidth of up to 13 GHz

December 03, 2012 // By Julien Happich
The Spacek Labs Model P1M29B3-2208F is a compact 25.4x40x7.6mm economical and high-performance K-band mixer featuring a high IF bandwidth of up to 13 GHz, encompassing the full RF/LO range in a single unit.

This double balanced mixer design performs with a flat-response conversion loss and is optimized for spurious rejection of better than 30 dBc at -10 dBm RF over the band. The device can be ordered either as an active mixer with amplification on any of the ports or as a passive mixer. The active mixer has 10 dB of conversion gain and a 3.5 dB max noise figure. Either mixer has a variety of options available such as additional filtering and waveguide or coaxial connectors. These mixers can be incorporated into our receiver system (PR series) or used as stand-alone units.

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