Ka-band low noise block downconverters target outdoor antenna applications

June 04, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
MITEQ's Ka-band low noise block downconverters (LNB) feature a compact, small footprint and are designed to be used in outdoor antenna-mounted applications. An option is available to provide a fiber optic interface at the L-band output which includes both the internal fiber optic transmitter and the matched, remote fiber optic receiver.

This high performance series of Ka-band low noise block downconverters feature low-noise temperature, VSWR of less than or equal to 1.3:1, high output power, an external frequency reference (10 MHz), and DC power on IF output center conductor. The L-band fiber optic interface has an FC/APC connector and a matched fiber optic receiver.

The downconverter is designed to meet military service requirements and can be qualified to the appropriate standards. With the fiber optic option, the LNB can be located up to 10,000 feet from the fiber optic receiver and base band equipment.