Keep it turned up to 11 – audio PA transistors in smaller package

September 25, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Same power, smaller outline is the message from Toshiba in respect of its bipolar transistors for use in the output Tr stage of high definition audio systems. 2SA1943N and 2SC5200N are complementary (respectively) PNP and NPN triple-diffused devices that provide the same sound output as the prior 2SA1943 and 2SC5200 but in a smaller TO-3P(N) package.

With dimensions 75% (in width and length) compared to the previous TO-3P(L) package, this provides product designers with greater flexibility, whilst maintaining package power (Pc) at 150W.

The 2SA1943N transistor has a maximum collector-emitter voltage rating of (V CEO) of -230V and continuous collector current rating (I C) of -15A, while the 2SC5200N has a maximum V CEO of 230V and an I C of 15A.

The 2SA1943N transistor has a minimum DC current gain, h FE , figures of of 80 (at V CE = -5V and I C = -1A) and 35 (at V CE = -5V and I C = -7A), while the 2SC5200N h FE figures of 80 (at V CE = 5V and I C = 1A) and h FE of 35 (at V CE = 5V and I C = 7A). They ofeofer high linearity of h FE and also V BE. Both devices achieve a typical transition frequency (f t) of 30 MHz. The smaller TO-3P(N) package measures 15.9 by 40.5 by 4.8 mm.

Toshiba Electronics Europe;