Keysight’s browser probe head for InfiniiMax II probes maxes usability

March 21, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Keysight Technologies presents this ‘browser’ oscilloscope probe head as being easy-to-use while maximising measurement accuracy. It is a full bandwidth (12 GHz) option for Keysight’s InfiniiMax I/II probes, offering signal fidelity with extremely low probe loading, and usability with thumbwheel-controlled tip span and replaceable spring-loaded tips.


The N2839A differential browser head, for use with InfiniiMax I/II Series probe amps, brings the measurement fidelity of a solder-in probe head to hand-held browsing, Keysight asserts. When used with the InfiniiMax II 1169A probe amplifier, the N2839A gives users 12 GHz of bandwidth, measuring high-speed differential or single-ended signals.


The spring-loaded probe tips of the N2839A ensure a secure connection to the DUT. The probe tips can be adjusted to accommodate targets from 0 mm to 3 mm apart using the thumbwheel and can be quickly replaced if accidental damage occurs. The low-inductance ground spring ensures that the probe's frequency response remains constant regardless of the span range setting.