Kintex-7 PCI Express DSP card with FMC interfaces aims at the desktop

October 03, 2012 // By Nick Flaherty
4DSP has launched a high-performance, half-size PCI Express desktop-compliant card with advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) capabilities and multiple I/O options.

The PC720 is PCI Express Gen 3 capable with up to two FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card) sites that are closely coupled to the onboard Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA and 1GB of DDR3 SDRAM. The PC720 is the first in a family of cards with the Kintex-7 and FMC functionality in popular board form factors.
Applications including software define radios, RADAR/SONAR imaging, communications, event processing, and analog/digital signal processing can benefit from the performance of the Kintex-7 and the I/O flexibility of the FMC sites. The PC720 is aimed at high performance applications that require large band signal digitization or generation through the use of accelerated frequency-domain algorithms.
“The PC720 is an excellent way to add high performance DSP capability to systems with PCI Express card slots,” said Pierrick Vulliez, founder and Managing Partner of 4DSP. “The FMC slots greatly expand the I/O flexibility allowing designers to choose from the wide range of FMC modules available from 4DSP and the expanding FMC ecosystem. The flexibility in selecting I/O, with the FMC front-end, to the Kintex-7 FPGA will have a major impact on the way the industry designs with FPGA technology.”
The front side FMC site is a high pin count (HPC) slot that is located on the primary side of the board, and when populated, remains within the envelope of a single slot half size PCI Express card. Optionally, a second FMC site with a low pin count (LPC) is available on the backside of the PC720 with the FMC front panel occupying the front panel of the adjacent PCI Express slot.
For a lab test environment or custom system the PC720 can be operated in a standalone mode. In this set-up the power is supplied through the industry standard PCI Express power connector.
A full suite of software is available to support the PC720 with board control and monitoring tools, flash programming utility, confidence tests and a host side API. It