Laird Technologies publishes thin film thermoelectric handbook

December 06, 2012 // By Julien Happich
The “Thin Film Thermoelectric Handbook” authored by the Laird Technologies' thermal management subject matter experts focuses on thin film thermoelectric modules (TFMs) and provides in-depth insight into the advantages of TFM’s over traditional bulk technology.

It also describes the basic structure and function of TFMs, system level considerations required for device selection and thermal management design.

It is a comprehensive tutorial that educates readers on the proper design and installation of thin film modules and helps to avoid common errors that can reduce operational life or limit output performance attributes of a module.

Designed for engineers with novice to intermediate thermoelectric experience, the handbook also covers Laird Technologies’ eTECTM product line, design considerations, proper handling and assembly procedures, temperature sensing and mechanical integrity of the technology.

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