Lantiq uprates SHDSL for industrial DSL and broadband last-mile connections

May 15, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Lantiq, supplier of chips and software for broadband access and home networking, has announced an SHDSL initiative, designed to bring the unique data-rate and reach performance of G.SHDSL and Ethernet First Mile (EFM) to new applications.

The company comments that 15 years after its first market introduction, SHDSL has gained a second life in industrial applications. A new firmware version (V 1.9) for the Lantiq SOCRATES SHDSL chipset provides substantially enhanced interoperability. Lantiq is launching an SHDSL CPE test service program, providing customers with sophisticated test capabilities from the Lantiq Labs.

To meet the long-term product availability requirements for industrial markets, Lantiq is committed to mainstream manufacturing technologies to achieve the best possible product lifetime. The four-channel SOCRATES SHDSL products also have been converted from gold to copper bond wiring, with samples available now.

Lantiq provides additional options using transformers from Würth Elektronik. A joint Lantiq-Teleconnect technology white paper describes a wide range of application examples, and a ready-to-copy Ethernet-to-SHDSL/EFM reference board and module will be available in the second half of 2014. Lantiq partners with SHDSL specialist Teleconnect to simplify design-in of long reach broadband in new applications

SHDSL broadband technology is now being adopted in more and more industrial applications and new markets, the company asserts; “Nothing beats SHDSL when it comes to high data rates on long copper loops”, comments Christoph Zuber, CEO of FlexDSL, a broadband company that brought SHDSL to many industrial applications and that is a customer for Lantiq’s SHDSL solutions. “FlexDSL connects subsea monitoring systems for oil platforms, where one service mission can cost $100k. We also equip earthquake early warning systems based on extreme signal run-time accuracy independent of loop length from meters to tens of kilometers. This application demands that the connection never breaks and we use ... SHDSL solutions for best quality and reliability.”

Public displays, infotainment systems, surveillance cameras, WiFi hotspots and vending machines often may be placed far from the available power supply. Equipment makers like FlexDSL and others provide solutions for remote power feeding plus broadband data connections on the same copper pair by using Lantiq’s SHDSL technologies.