Latch-up immune high ESD switches for HV industrial applications

December 10, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Analog Devices’ ADG54xx single and dual switches offer guaranteed latch-up protection for industrial, instrumentation and process control applications.

Four 8-kV ESD (electrostatic discharge) switches that guarantee latch-up prevention in high-voltage industrial applications operate up to ±22 Vds or +40 Vss. ADI’s high-voltage ADG5401, ADG5421, ADG5423 and ADG5419 single and dual switches are new additions to the latch-up immune family, which now includes configurations from SPSTx1 switches to 32:1 multiplexers.

Trench isolation between the N-channel and P-channel transistors of each CMOS switch provides guaranteed latch-up immunity under all conditions. The switches also achieve an 8-kV HBM (human body model) ESD rating. Both features help shield equipment from excess current and eliminate the need for designers to install additional protection circuitry. The new switches also have low Ron flatness and performance which minimises temperature variation and feedback resistance and optimises gain switching.

ADG5401, ADG5421, ADG5423, and ADG5419 comprise single and dual, SPST and SPDT configurations and occupy 8- or 10-lead MSOP or LFCSP packages; they cost from $1.60 to $1.85.

Analog Devices;