Latching, unpowered RFID relay

February 03, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Titan is a battery-less relay that can be activated and deactivated wirelessly; made by Farsens (San Sebastián, Spain) it is a battery-free RFID bistable relay tag. These tags are compatible with commercial EPC C1G2 readers. They can be wirelessly activated and deactivated via their unique ID and the relay keeps its latest status even when the RFID reader is no longer in range.

The Titan has a 96 bits EPC number, a 32 bit TID and a password-protected Kill command. Built in a PCB format, it is available in different sizes. The communication range is up to 1.5 metres and operating temperature is -30°C to +85°C (-22°F to +185°F). These actuator tags are available in a variety of antenna design and sizes, depending on the specific application and can be encapsulated in an IP67 or IP68 casing for usage in harsh environments.

The fact that the actuator is fully passive makes this relay suitable for hardly accessible or restricted areas and those where the use of batteries is not recommended. The Titan will never require a battery change, saving the costs associated to maintenance.

Titan tags are used in energy-scarce applications where the stored energy is limited and the system/circuit is controlled via a wireless battery-free relay. The circuit can be opened and closed from a commercial RFID reader. The bistable relay allows the system to run so that the limited battery is only switched on during the time the user actually needs it to be running.

Battery-free relays are also a good fit for retrofitting in places where lots of mechanical relays are being manually operated. The fact that each relay is uniquely identified by its ID number makes automation a easier and activation/deactivation can be implemented by simple reader software. Farsens;