Latest RF Technology site from Mouser Electronics

October 29, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Mouser Electronics has opened another technology site covering radio frequency technologies.

The new site is designed to help design engineers find the latest RF product information by frequency range, plus access the latest technical resources in as few clicks as possible. The site features new products from industry-leading manufacturers such as Skyworks Solutions, Inc., M/A-COM Technology Solutions, TriQuint Semiconductor, and Texas Instruments, to name just a few.

Mouser's RF Technology site is a basic resource center serving as an introductory site to RF technologies, including RF components by frequency (categories include sub 1 GHz, 1 to- 5 GHz, and over 5 GHz), industry news by manufacturer and applications, as well as other leading developments in RF. The site also showcases a block diagram of a transceiver to speed navigation based on area of component interest. The end result: engineers can quickly narrow in on a set range of products based upon frequency range and function to fit their specific design needs.