Lauterbach tracing source level coverage for VectorCAST, on unmodified code

May 13, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Through a collaboration with Vector Software, Lauterbach has enhanced the integration of its TRACE32 product integration to VectorCAST enabling source level test coverage with no instrumentation of object code.

Lauterbach enables VectorCAST users who are working in development, test, quality, and certification teams to perform source-level test coverage with no instrumentation of object code, achieving test execution without impacting code size or performance.


Lauterbach has existing support for live trace data collection from microprocessors, which produce instruction trace data. This captured data from the Lauterbach TRACE32 is used by VectorCAST to map traced instructions directly to the source code without any of the overhead usually associated with collecting coverage data from systems under test.


The impact of Lauterbach combining their TRACE32 capability with that of VectorCAST enables source code level coverage support for microprocessors with trace interfaces such as ARM ETM or PowerPC NEXUS. This benefits customers in aerospace, defence, automotive, medical devices, industrial controls, and commercial environments where structural code coverage is critical.


"Lauterbach’s TRACE32 integration for VectorCAST means our customers now have the ability to perform uninstrumented structural coverage whenever it is required.” said William McCaffrey, Chief Operating Officer at Vector Software.


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