LED Engin wins e-Legacy Award for eco-friendly lighting

September 27, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
LED Engin, Inc., a provider of high lumen density LED products, has won the ‘Advances in Lighting’ category of Electronic Product Design magazine’s annual e-Legacy Awards. The prize was specifically awarded for the company’s ViviLux family of high-efficiency, high CRI, compact, single LED emitters which, combined with secondary total internal reflection (TIR) lenses, produce up to twice the center-beam lux of array-based LEDs with reflectors.

This figure means that, for a given level of lighting intensity on a target area, only half the energy is required. LED fixtures based on the company's LuxiGen platform are found in entertainment lighting and commercial applications including retail stores and hotels, where well-controlled levels of directional light are needed.

Now in their sixth year, the e-Legacy awards have grown rapidly in terms of the number of entries, number of votes and its overall standing in the world of electronics. The awards have become synonymous with recognizing electronic design that saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions, or contributes to the common good of society through other aspects of a company’s operations or products.

The 'Advances in Lighting’ category specifically recognises energy-saving electronic design in solid-state lighting. A judging panel comprising representatives from the award sponsors, industry experts and Electronic Product Design’s editorial team selected the finalists. The winners were chosen via a public online vote.