LED lamp drive IC increases options for lighting designers

April 08, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
CamSemi has introduced a high performance LED driver IC that will provide manufacturers with greater design flexibility in their drive to develop lower cost, more energy-efficient A-series, GU10 and other space-constrained LED lamp types.

The new C3183 LED driver IC targets volume applications in a wide power range from 3 to 20 W and with the same part being suitable for both high and low line applications (230 or 110 V), unlike many competitive approaches requiring multiple parts.

C3183 uses recent advances in CamSemi’s patented Primary Side Sensing (PSS) and power-saving technologies to boost system performance and energy efficiency, while eliminating significant costs versus alternative solutions.

The new LED driver IC delivers a power factor of 0.7 without needing a high voltage input electrolytic capacitor which saves cost but also increases lifetime of the overall system. Use of quasi-resonant switching and other techniques enable operating efficiencies in excess of 90% and C3183 provides current regulation at a new ‘best in class’ level of +/- 3% allowing more margin for thermal design.
CamSemi’s LED driver IC is packaged in SOT23-6 for high density layouts; improved control enables operation at frequencies up to 100 kHz and use of smaller transformers; and frequency is programmed on-chip to further reduce component counts. C3183 drives an external MOSFET enabling one part to be specified across a wider power range.

The chip can deliver true ‘flicker-free’ performance and be configured in isolated and non-isolated designs depending on the specific application requirements. Other features to further simplify designs and reduce system cost include: switching frequency dither and gate drive edge rate control to reduce EMI and full featured protection to guard against a range of fault conditions such as LED failure, over temperature and output short-circuit protection.

More information; www.camsemi.com/datasheets