LED luminaire design – hands-on session demonstrates principles

June 10, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Arrow Electronics & Cree are to host a hands-on design seminar at the euroLED conference and exhibition, in which attendees can learn about LED-based lighting through building a luminaire

Arrow Electronics and Cree are giving visitors to the euroLED exhibition (Birmingham, UK, 24-25 June) the opportunity to learn the key principles of designing and building an LED-based lighting solution during a hands-on workshop. The aim of the seminar is to dispel a number of common misconceptions about LED lighting and help attendees to move beyond basic knowledge to attain real, practical skills.

The agenda will follow a structured approach to building an LED light, starting with the definition of design goals; estimating the efficiencies of thermal, optical and lighting systems; calculating the number of LEDs needed; considering the design options and selecting the appropriate elements. The presentation will be interspersed with breaks during which participants can each work on building their own luminaire. Misconceptions addressed relate to: the cost relative to other technologies; the breadth of applications suited to LEDs; and the availability of suitable products for residential deployment.

Register at http://buildaluminaire.eventbrite.co.uk

Arrow, www.arroweurope.com

Cree, www.cree.com