LED modules guide football fans to Polish National stadium

June 20, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
When the quarter final and semi-final matches of the European football championship will take place in Warsaw in the coming days, the fans will be led to the new Polish national stadium by means of LED light. Narva Polska, a lighting expert company based in Warsaw, has installed the lights around the stadium. In LED technology, of course.

The solution has been engineered by Narva Polska in collaboration with companies Awlus and Nidamet. More than 8700 LED modules provided by Austrian lighting systems vendor Tridonic are installed. The LEDs are integrated into a system of handrails; in order to guarantee operation even under rough climate conditions, the system meets protection level IP68 which means that it is watertight. With a color temperature of 3000K, the Talexx LED modules deliver a warm white illumination. Their optical design guarantees a homogenous light distribution.

The constant current sources required to supply the electric energy for the lighting system are not integrated into the handrails. Instead, the 853 power supplies are located in air-conditioned cabinets up to 100m apart from the LEDs. Thus, constant environmental conditions as well as central access for maintenance can be maintained.

The solution installed consumes much less energy than a comparable solution equipped with compact fluorescent tubes. According to Tridonic, the savings effect amounts to 35 percent or more. The power consumption of the LEDs varies with current - 1.2 watts at a current of 350mA, 2.4 watts at 700mA.

Narva Polska chose Tridonic because the Austrian company offered the best combination of quality and expertise, said Narva Polska CEO Marcin Walkowicz.